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Jan. 2014 - PTN is grateful unto the Lord to be able to serve Him for another year. Our prayer is for more to come into the truth that Jesus is God and he comes after the tribulation.

Feb. 2014 - PTN is one again praising the Lord that Sister Ren's test came back negative for cancer. Thank you all for the prayers.

Mar. 2014 - PTN founders is in the process of moving the ministry from Oklahoma to Arizona. Please be in prayer for us as we make this transaction for the glory of the Lord.

Apr. 2014 - Searching for fellowship? Then join our group on facebook.

May 2014 - PTN Talk Radio is celebrating this month 10 yrs of being on the radio. Thank you JESUS!

June 2014 - We are still in the process of moving to Arizona. We should be there by July of 2014. We do have our new place established in Apache, Junction. Thank you all for your prayers & God bless you.


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